Grim outlook for Covid refugees

Pessimistic and cynical thoughts on what’s to come

Our polarized world sees only two possibilities, an either/or choice. It’s a shortcut to thinking, this reduction of reality into a binary. It’s easier to recall two things than three or four. Dems or GOP, they say, and anything else is a “wasted vote.” Left or Right, Coke or Pepsi, Apple or Android.

When you cease to fit into those two choices you cease to exist essentially. Those of us from the third or fourth or sixteenth other choices, other versions of living, do not matter. There is no nation or state or church or political spectrum where we belong. No one even wants us around, because we’re a reminder of how complex and complicated real life and real people are.

So there is nowhere for us. We’re cultural refugees. We’re Nowhere People.

There’s a lot of us Nowhere People, more than the mainstream would like to admit. But for the sake of conformity, most of us just go along with the mainstream, choosing not the life or world we really want, but rather compromising and settling for one of the two choices. People want to “fit in” for a variety of reasons. But in this binary world, they conform partly because in some cases it can help certain aspects of the world operate more smoothly, but also because society has set up social and even legal consequences for nonconformists. We Nowhere People are punished all the damn time, really. And it’s getting worse.

Now if you don’t want a vaccine, you can’t get on a plane. You cannot get a government job, a healthcare job, or any job at a firm with 100 employees or more. The idea of a weekly testing alternative is of course by design, as we know the tests are prone to false-positives. That means unjabbed staff will still lose work, if not be fired for “unexcused absence.” You thus have two choices, take a harmful ineffective injection, or lose your job.

Since that’s hardly a reasonable choice, countries like Italy and Australia are telling employers to not fire, but simply cease paying their non-vaxxed employees who have declined the jab. Those who take the “weekly testing” option still will be sent home without pay to pointlessly “quarantine” due their false positive test. But since they are yet employed they may not qualify for unemployment benefits. That’s clearly retaliation, punishment. And it bears asking: will unemployment benefits be withheld from the unvaccinated? And of course now even non-mandated business are preemptively enacting their own jab-to-work rules.

As other countries take the lead, this vaccine-to-play standard is only just beginning to roll out to literally every aspect of American life. Flying, attending public events, working, all saw vaccine requirements enacted. Now California is leading with schoolkids required to inject. It’s only a warm-up.

A lot of us are predicting that if not this year, then surely by the end of next year, you will not be allowed to have a bank account, get healthcare, or even have internet service, if you do not take the shot. You will be banned from renting any home or apartment, banned from being insured, banned from social services, and even could have your Social Security check held back. You will not be allowed to enter any “public” space including the roadways.

There may be OS updates for all devices that require you to verify vaccination merely to power on and use the device for anything besides E911, who will likely be required to verify your vax status just to get a first responder. There are already such insane “check in” aspects of C19 tracking apps, under mandatory placement on citizen phones across the world, that require various citizens to verify their location, vax status, and daily test result, and even send a fresh selfie, just to leave home.

And if banking is banned for the unjabbed, there is talk that you may have to forfeit your account balances, for “health and safety” reasons. Those reasons being that if they “give” you your money, it “supports” your “unhealthy and unsafe” act of failing to vaccinate. That will go for all those who have had two jabs but are over getting a booster, because now three shots is considered “fully vaccinated.”

This banking ban would of course fit into the fact that digital currency is being forced upon us: when vaccine-to-bank rules roll out, being banned from internet access or even using a device means you cannot live in a world that has no physical currency. And it’s certainly no stretch to see “digital security measures” emplaced which stop anyone from accessing a particular blockchain.

Already if you don’t wear a mask, you’re banned from all public buildings, and often cannot be outside in public in Oregon. It doesn’t matter if you cannot wear a mask, you’re a “grandma killer” or a “selfish monster” or a “villain” and apparently deserve to be punished brutally. Of course all Federal property (including National Parks), as well as all locations and forms of public transit, are Mask Zones. So those of us who cannot mask, like myself, or simply do not wish to, like a sensible person, no longer have much of a world to live in.

It was only the pregame. Of course now, those of us who do not wish to take a vaccine, or cannot due to medical issues, are no longer welcome either. When we’re banned from not just air travel, but any form of travel, or even from going outside in the front yard, where will our lives be lived? What quality of life will we have?

And what if I wanted to get out, flee, leave, evacuate, or seek asylum? That’s right, I cannot, because one will have to vaccinate and mask for those things to even be an option.

Even now private transportation on roads remains as the only sure-thing options for a maskless or unvaxxed crossing into or out of Oregon. Trains, buses, planes, taxis, ride services, shuttles, all require masks, and vax-to-ride rules for all those services are either already in place or in the pipeline. And don’t forget, C19 checkpoints at state borders were enacted last year. So will Oregon’s highway border crossings end up being staffed by vaccine and mask police? Don’t think it’s conspiracy theory; permanent checkpoints were established at California’s entry points long ago.

That’s right, for decades now, in order to enter California, say, from Oregon, you must pass through a checkpoint where some people’s vehicles are pulled aside and searched, and there are no exceptions to who must stop. So there’s no need to “set up” such stations at the California-side state borders, they’re already there. It would take only moving a few traffic cones to also direct those entering Oregon to the existing checkpoints.

And if you’ve never driven across, for example, the Canadian border at Blaine, Washington, or driven Interstate 10 across the southwest and met the inland Border Patrol checkpoints, you’re in for a little surprise. Even in the 1990’s they had scanning technology that can “see” into your car and identify various materials, such as plant matter. These devices and others are set up aiming at the cars entering the checkpoints to look for drugs, people, undeclared items like firearms. Thermal scanners, facial recognition cameras, license plate readers, and drug dogs, all looking for refugees, contraband, or other infractions. You cannot sneak across in the trunk when even a bag of weed gets spotted stashed inside a spare tire. And as the link above says, just this year Customs and Border Patrol invested more than $200m in new scanning technology for border checkpoints. Is it really just for a few thousand Haitians? Or is it ultimately meant for us?

There’s no limit to where this can be deployed, so even our most remote border crossings can be easily locked down and armed with high-tech surveillance and monitoring. I cannot decide what would then happen if, say, I tried to drive out Highway 140 into Nevada. Would there be a checkpoint there? It’s a very remote place, but being the well-known “Winnemucca to the Sea” highway, perhaps it will indeed be locked down, and all unvaxxed and unmasked turned away. And is Nevada even friendly to the unmasked or unvaxxed? I’ve not looked up their mandates but even if they are lenient, that can change instantly, especially under Federal force.

It’s an important question: would the unvaxxed be allowed to leave Oregon? If not, then it becomes a situation just like the U.S. southern border. Will we have to literally walk across the state line on foot? And even then, it’s not unheard of for major trails to have checkpoints enacted. Imagine trying to flee on the Pacific Crest Trail from Ashland and finding yourself turned around after the arduous task of tackling Siskiyou Summit with a full pack. It starts to become unfeasible. Especially if you aren’t in the best health. Especially if we have to flee during the planned “dark winter” that’s coming.

I for one, despite my disability and medical conditions precluding long-distance travel, now consider it possible that I still may have to leave home with only the clothes on my back and flee to another state, or even another country.

But how can I be a refugee of America if I’m not allowed to even get on a plane? Or board a boat? Or even cross the border? Or even leave my own home? Imagine the coyotes suddenly ferrying Americans into Mexico— it may happen yet!

I also, however, consider it possible that when that becomes necessary, no other country will be safe. No country will want Nowhere People. There will be no refuge when the entire planet is a prison. When no country or state wants you, there’s no place on Earth for you.

At that point the only place of refuge will be off the planet. Earth Refugees? The only way off this rock is dying, so unless the aliens come along and save us, I see a lot of us simply giving up. Suicide. What’s the alternative? Permanent detention in total isolation.

Life is being taken away, and no longer can be lived. When the choice is “take the vaccine or lose everything” then there is no choice. It’s not a matter of having poor options, or even only a binary of options. It’s a matter of having zero options.

This situation is quite hopeless for many of us. At least we’re not alone in our state of hopelessness. So I guess there’s still that; misery loves company. But when the world fully closes itself off from us, or the roundups to the camps kick off, where do us Nowhere People go?

I tried living on the road once before, and have no choice but to live that way now. While it’s an adventure for those fit and moneyed, for folks like me it’s a rather desperate, difficult, unsafe, lonely existence where you have no real friends and nowhere is home. Danger lurks behind every decision. There is no safety net. Everyone is a temporary friend and every place is a temporary home. Eventually you will have to leave, either due to needs or due to laws. And when we’re banned from even being on the roads and banned from all forms of overnight accommodation or banking or even fuel and food purchases due to not masking or taking the vaccine, the road can call all she wants. We’ll not be able to answer.

Living in the wilds is too rough an existence for most of us, and in reality is a desperate, hand-to-mouth way of life that sounds great when the weather is good but winter happens, and even the hardiest survivalist suffers. They dream of the wood stove or a real house rather than a brush hut or cave.

I know, I’ve also tried the subsistence life in the wild. It’s lonely, uncomfortable, desperate, and tiring, even with all the conveniences of the modern world. The often limited dinner menu gets boring. you have to be proficient at every aspect of your personal care, and cannot afford to make even a small mistake. A slip with a knife sent me dripping blood in mountain lion country in the dark for five miles just to get to the car, and then spent 45 minutes getting to hospital to stitch it up.

When you cannot risk being seen, the hospital can be a mile away, it won’t matter. You either bleed to death, or give yourself up returning to civilization and be sent to the camps and forcibly jabbed. Again, an impossible choice to have to make. And of course the risks of being caught “living” on public lands are always there, as I talked about previously. Even bugging out is really no longer an option.

I can’t say I have an answer to this problem. It looks pretty damn bleak. And worse by the day.

We know how to end all this but we know those in power have no intention of doing anything besides escalating. So I have to admit defeat: a prison planet under total surveillance to make sure we obey their demands for total control and total compliance, offers no refuge, no safety, and no escape.

There is Nowhere to go anymore.