Masks are the modern gold nose– they really can “never come off”

The cry of doom we hear shrill and loud now is that “the masks are never coming off.”

The virus will never leave, they tell us, and so this “new normal” is forever. They insist up on it, demand it, pronounce it. They of course parrot the mainstream talking point that masks are supported by “science.” This usually consists of an “expert” giving their opinion in a media interview. We are never actually shown this science.

Those of us refusing masks on the basis of actual, documented science, are usually the ones vindicated, usually the ones coming out the winner in such debates.

Yet this time it’s not a clear win. You see, in a way, I agree with the maskers: they can never take them off.

There are at least three reasons why, but first let’s take a brief peek into the history of another public health issue. It’s called Treponema pallidum, but you’re more likely to know it by another name: syphilis.

Back before we knew how to deal with it, the disfiguring nature of this infection caused people’s noses to fall into their faces. Naturally this led people to cover up the grotesque nature of their appearance with masks, veils, and, if funds permitted, prosthetics.

Fake noses were made from various materials, from ivory to silver, and yes, famously, gold. This was common enough for people to begin associating a fake nose with a propensity to pay for sex, or conversely be paid for it. Syphilis was considered a disease of prostitutes and so a person bearing a fake nose could be seen as shameful or immoral. Unclean.

And this meme has not been lost on modern culture– one of the antagonist characters in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road bears a metal nose and skin problems, indicating his “unclean” status. Here just a few years later in 2020, a disease has given people a new reason to hide their faces. Only today they do not admit their shame but rather defend it, and proudly insist that “the masks are never coming off.” And in a few ways, they’re right.


The masks cannot come off, because it will reveal their maskne scars and infection sores.

It was a hidden shame at first, the unsightly marring of the faces under masks. No one wanted to admit there was even a hint of negative side effect from the masks. They were glad we anti-maskers focused on the bigger issues at play.

We pointed out the science going back decades which proved they are ineffective, and we made watertight cases about the hypoxia side effects which hurt our minds and bodies, and we even pointed out the folly that if masks work for this virus, then they work for all viruses– including the ones we need to maintain our current herd immunity to through community exposure.

So when sources like Cosmopolitan early in the masking days started mainstreaming the skin problem side effect, maskers were certainly not happy. But now the secret has been out for far too long to ever get it back under wraps. Yes, these masks are horrible for your skin.

The rubbing irritates skin, raising welts or even wounds similar to rug burn or bedsores. They trap bacteria, dirt and oils in your pores, clogging them, giving you acne. And they do not allow skin to either breathe or dry. This provides a warm, moist environment perfect for colonizing bacteria. This leads to abscesses and infections. The off-gassing from newly manufactured plastics using petrochemicals only further irritates the skin.

Treating these infections or problems while still attempting to wear a mask obviously won’t work. People have got to stop masking and let these things heal. But even if they take the mask off and get the acne under control, stop infections, and let all this damage heal, they’ll have scars or pockmarks. Probably for life. The fact that they wore a mask, especially for long periods, will always be evident on their face.

If the damage is too bad, one is left with three choices: expensive skin repair treatments, daily and extensive makeup application, or simply hiding it with a mask. Obviously, the mask is the easiest because it allows people to continue virtue signaling without having to reveal their pockmarked, scarred pizza face. So they’re right, the mask cannot come off, for the sake of others— we do not wish to be sickened by their vile appearance.

The masks cannot come off, because it will reveal their mask mouth.

Yes, we anti-maskers know about this dirty little secret, maskers. Well, it’s a secret no more. We all know what horrors are hiding under the toxic designer-brand muzzle. Having to breathe so much harder due to suffocating all day with that germ farm on the face requires an open mouth. While this lets in more air, it also welcomes far too much dry air for the healthy balance of bacteria. The air helps bacteria thrive, which is part of the reason we (and a lot of other mammals) primarily breathe through the nose. Refer to the derogatory term “mouth breather.”

And all that junk food people have been self-medicating with didn’t help. The masks are well known to be psychologically damaging and so in depression and anxiety over their very identity and voice being removed, they go for the ice cream, the candy bars, and the sodas. Sweet treats of all kinds don’t help. Then they mouth breathed all day, every day, everywhere they went. I’m sure there’s some people out there who actually slept with the mask on. So they had to mouth-breathe 24 hours a day.

And now their teeth are rotting out of their heads, and their gums are barely able to hold in what’s left. Cavities, gingivitis, abscesses, and an outbreak of the worst halitosis we’ve seen since the invention of mouthwash– all wonderful new developments hidden away behind that unsanitary napkin strapped to their faces. People are literally losing teeth, and therefore their ability to eat, and stay healthy, just to feel like they’re preventing someone else from getting a flu. It’s certainly not something worth crowing about when the CFR and side effects of C19 are comparable to seasonal influenza.

And even if maskers choose to admit the masks didn’t make a difference, I ask they just text me with this information, because I’d rather be spared their nauseatingly bad breath and horror-movie mouth. They know we’re grossed out by them and do not wish to endure their stinking maw just to have a quick chat. No one likes a mouth that smells like it’s encountered feces recently. So again, for the mask mouth monsters, the masks cannot ever come off.

The masks cannot come off, because it will reveal their ingorance.

Okay, it’s finally done. The mask argument. I mean, didn’t the maskers hear? Their beloved CDC has finally admitted that masks don’t work. First, they told us to not bother. Then they later revealed that even if you’re masked, being within 6 feet of someone for more than 15 minutes means you must still be tested and quarantine yourself. And finally, the ultimate nail in the mask coffin: 85% of infections are in people who use a mask, some of them zealously, and only 4% of infections are in people who refuse masks.

So yes, it’s done, it’s over, and the Mount Everest of scientific evidence going back decades which the antimask crowd has built up, proving masks do not prevent infection, is an insurmountable barrier to the pro-maskers. The debate is over, and they’re all having to slowly admit it. They were wrong this whole time. But it’s gone too far.

They’ve invested far, far too much in masks working, in their effectiveness. They’ve committed too many ugly acts. Not just online even toward their own friends and family, but they’ve gone out of their way in public as well, to shame, verbally abuse, report, and even assault people who did not wear a mask. They’ve shut down business, violated civil rights, and even forced the masks on small children.

They’ve done all this merely based on a declaration that the “science” is “settled.” But this conclusion was based only on media propaganda. They did no research. They didn’t ask questions. They acted like sheep and just accepted and obeyed. So you see, the science has to be settled for them, because being wrong means they were badly duped. That they were utterly fooled. And willfully so.

At this point, admitting masks were the wrong choice would be devastatingly embarrassing. The promaskers simply cannot ever go there. It’s unthinkable to them.

Too many people have reinvented their personas, started action groups or campaigns, or upended their whole existence, just to support the mask. There is no backup plan, because being wrong means both failing to prevent infection from the virus as well as causing themselves and others actual harm. If the rug they’ve laid as their moral and ethical foundation were to be pulled out from under them, they’d be in free-fall.

These people have defined their lives and themselves by masks. Masks are their lives and so anyone who threatens to take away their mask now looks to them like a threat to their lives. They simply cannot give up the mask.

For them, being seen without their mask would be admitting they were fundamentally wrong, that who they became was wrong, and that how they behaved toward others was wrong. And so for them, the mask will never, ever come off.


While I personally will never agree with the mask edict and never want to see another person wearing a mask ever again, I may have to make a small adjustment to that expectation.

Just as syphilis spread inexorably through the population and led people to hide their face holes in shame, so now we will see this epidemic of mask-wearing and its infectious spread in our society cause a new group of people to hide their face holes in shame.

So no, I don’t think the masks will come off. At least, not from all of us. The masses will at some point drop them like the bad habit they are. But there will be a few whose scarred, disfigured faces, bad breath, rotten-toothed smiles, and well-earned social shame will force them to keep their mask on forever. And their masks will thus become the modern version of the syphilis nose.

A symbol for all to see, and know immediately to avoid that disfigured, unclean, ignorant, and shameful member of society.