How many people have Oregon’s lockdowns killed?

Suicide, homelessness, joblessness, ongoing lockdowns will only hurt and kill more.


Now more than six months into the “pandemic” we’re alleged to have here in Oregon, it’s a good time to ask exactly how our state’s stats were “alarming,” in Governor Kate Brown’s oft-stated opinion.

Of course, at this point the narrative has shifted yet again. Now rather than death stats, we’re being terrorized with “cases,” hence the propaganda fear campaign is now a “casedemic.”

But how bad was it in Oregon as far as deaths? Let’s just get my opinion out of the way, and assert that our current count of C19 deaths is too high. I’ve previously mentioned at least two cases here in our state where a virus death was incorrectly counted. One was a man who fell off a ladder, and the other, our youngest “death” was never even tested.

Additionally, as of August 30, Oregon has had 255 deaths in long-term care facilities, which is about half of our state’s deaths from the virus. Just to remind you, our LCF population comprises 0.25% of the population, leaving 99.75% -the general population- responsible for only about 280 deaths.

But what of the other deaths? You can find out yourself what the Oregon Health Authority claims are the total deaths we’ve seen this year and how that compares to previous years. You can look up the causes of death reported to the OHA as well. The key term here is “excess deaths” and it’s a statistical indication of what’s up with our state’s dead.

As a comparison, the United States has seen estimates ranging from 25,000 to even about 75,000 deaths not attributed to Covid-19. This is accepted to mean that those deaths were collateral damage due to the lockdown, probably due to lack of healthcare among other factors. To some, that means the U.S. lockdown and subsequent restrictions have killed up to 75,000 people.

Here in Oregon, so far in 2020 the OHA says we have 1,583 excess deaths over the 2017-2019 average, and 1,893 over the 5-year average. I’ll be generous to the state and take away the 550 or so C19 deaths, so we’re left with an average of about 1,200 excess deaths compared to the last five years.

What caused those deaths? What was different this year than in ’17-’19? We had a flu season during that time period with 530 Oregonian deaths. So a virus killing hundreds was also factor in those previous years. What did we not do back then, that we did do this year?

That’s right, the lockdown.

With millions of residents in Oregon, there are absolutely many unwell people here who were already fighting for their lives or living on borrowed time before the lockdown. So it makes sense that the lockdown has contributed to the deaths of Oregonians due to lack of healthcare. But what of other causes of death, how did others die under lockdown? And how many more will die?

Because social isolation is so psychologically harmful that it actually causes physical damage, it requires no presumption to grasp that the statewide prison Governor Brown enacted has directly led to an epidemic of depression, anxiety, and their consequences.

The worst consequence, I’m sure all will agree, is suicide.

As of July in Oregon 441 folks had ended their own lives. It’s not hard to understand why: months of fear, stress, isolation, cabin fever, joblessness, homelessness, a canceled future, a faceless no-contact society of masked zombies, all socialization reduced to a webcam and an LED screen, and mainstream culture announcing daily that this “new normal” will be permanent.

Next, it’s widely known now that homicides are on the rise in Portland, and that may be part of why at the end of July we’d had 72 of them in the state. It’s not hard to guess the other reasons: months of fear, stress, isolation, cabin fever, joblessness, homelessness, a canceled future, a faceless no-contact society of masked zombies, all socialization reduced to a webcam and an LED screen, a mainstream culture announcing daily that this “new normal” will be permanent, and a sudden decrease in the level of community policing.

And the OHA report from July showed ten people were killed by “legal intervention” which you can assume means “police shooting.” Thanks to Brown we’re killing each other and ourselves.

As for less horrific ways of dying under the lockdown, simple accidents, or specifically death by “unintentional injury” according to the OHA, have killed 1,164 people. With the cognitive impairment caused by masks it’s also not hard to guess why more than a thousand people have made fatal mistakes.

Governor Brown has locked us down, shut us down, muzzled even our kids, as well as upended literally every aspect of Oregon society while creating nothing but fear, pain, division, and discord. She has done so with the flippant attitude of an impudent tween and no more tact than you’d expect from a mean drunk at closing time– over a mere 1% of our total deaths.

While killing well more than a thousand Oregonians. Naturally the state will just follow the script and claim those deaths for C19 so as to inflate the death number and yet again hit “refresh” on Brown’s fear and terror campaign.

Sorry to tell Governor Brown, but the lockdowns are most definitely, without a doubt, far, far worse for Oregonians than the virus. The short-term effect of the lockdown killing more than twice as many of us is only overshadowed by the long-term effects, which we’ll feel for years to come. She certainly knows this and of course is desperate to blame everything that has befallen us on the virus.

But the virus did not order a shut down of nearly all “non-essential” businesses. Brown did. The virus did not mandate masks, Brown did. No virus sent Covid Cops across the state to issue fines to businesses or shut them down– Kate Brown did.

Fortunately for us, the science is not going to help her avoid culpability for what she did. It’s now well established that the lockdowns are not just killing us, but will hurt us more and more as time goes by.

Here, we see that much of the state is suffering more than 10% unemployment. How many people saw their lifelong career or small business go under, and fell into utter despair? Imagine looking into your kid’s eyes and having to tell them you can no longer provide for them. It would be devastating. Being unemployed more than doubles your risk of suicide.

Next, we see that 33% of us are facing eviction. Just to remind you, the virus did not cause the loss of employment leading to the inability to pay rent– Kate Brown did. With 4 million residents, that means 1.3 million Oregonians are staring homelessness right in the face. I cannot but call that a crisis. Being homeless increases your odds of dying early from all causes.

We also have to recognize that with a shattered economy, our status as a “first world” or “more developed” country is changing. It’s already getting more expensive just to visit the grocery, as we all have noticed. Prices are up 25-75% on many goods and most of us are paying more at the store. With permanent lockdowns and the threat of the dollar being tossed out as the world’s favorite currency, at least portions of the U.S. are headed toward lower quality of life and extended depression.

Countries like that are going to suffer badly under lockdown, and ours is certainly not invulnerable. As you may have heard, the middle-income or low-income countries were facing crisis before C19, but now all of us across the world are worried.

With the loss of jobs, social services, school, or even healthcare, kids are gong to starve. One estimate is for 128,000 children under 5 years old to die of malnutrition in 2020 due to even a short lockdown.

It would be despicable for Kate Brown, or anyone, to dismiss such data. But dismiss it she will, just as she has with every single piece of real science Oregonians have presented her. Even the United Nations, of all agencies, has had to admit that the lockdown damage could kill 300,000 people a day around the world, for months on end.

But tell this to Governor Brown and watch the denials, vitriol and deflection begin. She does not care that the lockdown was the wrong choice. There is no discussion, only dictatorial edicts based on imaginings and fear. You and I, lockdown and mask deniers, at this point have more and better information than even our state government.

We know that the lockdowns did not prevent deaths or infections. We know that nonpharmaceutical interventions did not change the virus reproductive rate, we know that lifting lockdowns didn’t increase infections, that the virus peaked back in spring, and that the early lockdowns had no effect on the curve. We know that before C19 science did not advocate masks, lockdowns, quarantines, or even school closures, because besides being ineffective, they would be far more costly than the virus itself.

And when we look at the data after more than six months of this insanity, we see that all those things rang true. Suicides killed more than the virus. The lockdowns are starving our kids, taking away our jobs, and threatening more than a million Oregonians with homelessness. Hundreds of thousands of people, especially children, are dying across the world just so that people like Brown can feel they’re not “doing nothing.”

It isn’t like Governor Brown was unaware the lockdowns would hurt. She said so, admitted so, and yet did it all anyway, all the while vehemently defending her choices. While cruelly threatening all of us with fines, home incarceration, business closures, permanent masks, permanent distancing, and a re-lockdown– if we don’t comply.

Back in March, Brown’s hypocrisy and complicity were on full display:

I am gravely concerned about our ability to deliver basic services over the next six months to a year given the drop in revenues…we have far more needs than we have resources and the economy is tumbling down…It is going to be really challenging over the next few months…

It seems her grave concerns were merely hollow words. Without a real pandemic here, nor with any real justification for any of the actions she took in 2020, she seemed to know one thing for sure: her lockdown would be bad. It would hurt all Oregonians. She knew.

And then killed 1,200 Oregonians anyway.


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